Thomas Beyer - Counselling and supervision

Psychoanalysis, systemic therapy, family therapy and psychosocial oncology. There is a wide range of topics from which counselling needs can arise. Interventions across methods and experiential systemic techniques (e.g. sculpture work, family board, role play) are used. 

Andreas Adam - Psychologist & systemic coach

Andreas Adam accompanies his clients to more self-determination, development and fulfillment in the professional as well as in the private area. Awareness is the first step on this path to more personal responsibility.

Psychological Counseling (DGIP) Angelika Thiele-Reuter

Psychological help for current life problems or an acute crisis in Marsberg. Psychological counseling for life crises such as relationship problems, lovesickness, loneliness, grief, bullying and much more.

Lawyer & Advocate Dorochov

THE law firm for Russian law. If you have a concern in Russia, you’ve come to the right place!
Investing in Russia, Russian Family Law, Personal Screening and More.


Asset expansion concepts.

Profitable opportunities are actively presented and used here.