Web design and SEO for your business

+For a professional perception
+For improved client contact
+For measurably more clients

Professional websites
Modern websites with meaningful functions and strong visual communication
Responsive web design
Highly responsive websites - adapted to any device
Search engine optimization
Search engine friendly website structure and keyword optimization
User-friendly websites
We use systems that are understandable for your visitors as well as for you as the owner

Advantages of a professional website

The increasing digitalisation, the numerous home office jobs and the younger generations – these are all factors that manifest the internet as an important element of our society. Therefore, for almost every company, the website is a very important tool to communicate with existing clients or to inform potential new clients. Whether this creates a professional impression or not depends on various parameters that need to be considered.

Which measures are suitable for the website?

These are simple measures that you can usually implement yourself to professionalise your website.

+Authentic pictures of yourself or your practice.
+As simple contact options as possible
+A maximum of 2-3 different fonts and colours
+Adapt the website to tablets and mobile phones
+A valid SSL certificate
+Insert a page logo

Benefits of search engine optimisation

You have to be able to find a nice website.
If one’s own website is not set up optimally, it can happen that one’s own clients unintentionally end up on the website of competitors when searching for your service provider.
To prevent such scenarios and even more: to reach additional new visitors, one should consider the topic of SEO (search engine optimisation).

The graph shows the SEO values of one website before search engine optimization and another after an optimization by yform. The values have been determined with the help of Seobility.

Which measures are suitable for SEO?

A wide variety of measures can be listed for SEO. The easiest to implement are the following:

+keyword optimisation

+Optimisation of the website structure

+Backlinks (blog entries, other websites)

+Social media (Facebook, Instagram)

+Content and regular renewals of the website

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CEO Louis Löwer

Has been active in web design and programming since 2019. Before yform.de, Louis Löwer has also co-founded other web service providers, his focus is on WordPress, Search Engine Optimization, HTML, CSS and more. Learn more on his Social Media profiles. 

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Frequently asked questions

Almost all target groups consider an existing website to be an important factor in the decision-making process – so it’s a yes in most cases.

This is always dependent with the associated work. We always calculate individualized prices, which is much fairer for the recipient of our services than always charging the same (possibly inappropriate) price.

The positive effects depend on the measures taken.
If, for example, you only tune your website to certain keywords, you will be found better for this search term. If you additionally work with qualitative backlinks, you will generally be higher up in the search engines in the long run.

We can gladly maintain the website on a long-term basis if you wish.